LED & LCD Flatscreens

We provide Flatscreens for every occasion, whether it be an exhibition, conference, award ceremony, dinner dance, product launch, etc. We have 40", 50", 55", 65", 75" and 80" LED & LCD screens.

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Interactive Touch Screens

Interactive touch screens of size 65" and 75" can be used for any occasion to create a more interactive and engaging experience for everyone present.

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Video Walls 6

Video Wall Displays

Video wall displays for any events. They can be hired at either 49" or 55". These displays can be used singely or combined together to create a large video wall display. Ideal for events such as awards ceremonies, weddings, presentations, etc.

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Projector 1


Our Projectors are from the leading manufacturers and guarantee great picture quality. Whether it be for education, parties, conferences, award ceremonies, etc. our projectors will guaranty the best possible experience.
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